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Are you?

  • A Developer (software engineers/coders/hackers)
  • A Designer (graphics, UX/UI)
  • A Business person (business, marketing, PR, finance)

Have you started your business yet?

If you want to startup your own business and have some fun, then we think you will find Startup Weekend will be a life changing experience. It’s a hands on business hackathon delivered over the course of a weekend that teaches you how really start a business. When you register you will get:

  • All your meals and drinks over the weekend
  • Access to 20+ mentors who have done what you want to do
  • A chance to win some of the $20,000 in prizes up for grabs

What makes Startup Weekend so valuable for wantrepreneurs is that it helps you:

  • Validate your business model
  • Build a team around your business idea
  • Exposure to investors and advisors to help get your idea off the ground


3 Reasons to Attend:

  • $20,000 of awesome prizes up for grabs
  • Meet cool people (Cofounder dating anyone?)
  • Access to world class mentors, speakers and judges

Now you might have some questions…

  • What if I don’t have an idea? That’s cool just join up with another team
  • What if I’ve never started a business before? That’s the point of Startup Weekend, it’s a great chance to get experience fast
  • I’ve already been to a Startup Weekend, why should I go again? If you haven’t started a startup, then you need keep trying until you hit gold!

A comprehensive FAQ can be found here:


Checkout some of these Startup Weekend success stories

Encyclopedia of Magic: Won the first Startup Weekend and have built a successful online business doing something they love! They then went on to win Entrepreneurs of the Year this last year!


Musio: Mal and Oli won Startup Weekend 3 and then went on to win the Unearthing New Business grant from Bank SA. Their startup is just about to go live!

Majoran Distillery: Michael, Chhai and William all met at the first Startup Weekend. Their ideas didn’t work but they did start Adelaide’s premier co-working facility that has become the epicentre of Adelaide’s tech community.


Our Guarantee

Hear from one of organisers, Elouise about why you need to come! So if you’re serious about starting a business, click register. Once you’ve registered, you will be one step closer to starting your business.




Jul 25
  • Registration Starts
  • Dinner & Networking
  • Welcome & Speakers
  • Pitches Start
  • Attendees vote for the top ideas
  • Teams start forming and discussing ideas
  • Start to formalize teams and take an inventory of skills. Be honest, and direct about what resources and skills are needed for the weekend. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow


Jul 26
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Teams formed and setting up workspace for the weekend
  • Lunch
  • Mentors arrive
  • Dinner
  • Mid weekend check-in, status reports, call for help
  • Finished for the day. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow


Jul 27
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Call for help (this is self motivated, so don’t be shy)
  • Lunch
  • Mentor Pitch Practice
  • Gut check. Start prepping for presentations
  • Dinner
  • Judging & awards
  • Wrapup
  • Go home!
Platinum Sponsors

Vinh Giang

Speaker - Entrepreneur - Magician   |   LinkedIn

As an online entrepreneur, Vinh left his career in accounting in 2011 to pursue online business. He started this journey in the garage of his investment property with two of his best friends: Lenny and Jeff to form what would be known as Encyclopedia of Magic. They won the first Startup Weekend in Adelaide and have grown ever since. The team then went on to receive the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award from BusinessSA.

The business kept growing and financially set Vinh free, and this has enabled him to do what he loves most in life: Speaking about the psychology behind Magic to create positive change.

Paul Smith

Small Business Area Manager at ANZ Bank

Paul is an Area Manager for Small Business with the ANZ. He has over 10 years experience over various areas of retail and business banking.
ANZ is now heavily involved in assisting start up businesses to succeed throughout Adelaide with sponsorship of various startup programs.

In a previous life he also owned and operated his own small business in Western Australia so is well aware of the challenges, high and lows of running a new business.

Shannon Poulton

Business Catalyst, Hub Australia + Co-founder, Good Thnx   |   LinkedIn

Shannon is the new Catalyst at Hub Australia, and he's also a compulsive entrepreneur that's been involved with startups like Good Thnx, Home Game, Neighbourly and New Drop Tees.

He comes from a marketing background having held many corporate and government comms positions prior. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing & International Business) and a Masters in Commerce (Marketing)

Jemma Schilling

Does All the Things!   |   LinkedIn

This Startup Weekend II graduate went from a Business Development role in Cirillo Hooper & Company to become the Community Catalyst at Hub. All of this while completing a double degree at UniSA.

At the age of 24, she is now venturing off to start her own startup and has been listed as one of the Advertisers "Fastest rising stars under 30."

Gold Sponsors

Kelly Noble

Managing Director of Glam Adelaide   |   LinkedInGoogle+

Using her background in PR, Marketing and Communications, Kelly Noble began GLAM Adelaide in January 2007 with the simple goal of bringing the Adelaide community together, with a particular focus on young creatives – fashion designers, artists, photographers, graphic designers, boutique and bar owners, DJs and the list goes on.

Now, as GLAM Adelaide has developed, Kelly’s focus is bringing the potential of online marketing and Web 2.0 to small businesses, to help grow their potential, while sharing information about who is doing what, to the GLAM Adelaide community.

Using the GLAM Adelaide website, weekly eNewsletters (with a What’s On in Adelaide focus), Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, RSS feeds and more, GLAM Adelaide can bring the best of Adelaide to you.

Stephen Boyd

Adelaide City Council   |   LinkedIn

Stephen Boyd is a graduate of the University of Otago and is currently working as a senior consultant to the City Growth and Investment program of the Adelaide City Council. He has worked internationally in International Marketing and Brand development and Professional Services . He has been closely involved in working with the entrepreneurial community to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Adelaide.

Stephen has always bought an entrepreneurial approach to his career and has been a mentor in the e challenge, Hub Summer Fellowship program, Thinc lab and venture dorm

Lily Jacobs

General Manager - Renew Adelaide   |   LinkedIn

Lily Jacob is the GM of Renew Adelaide a not for profit organisation that connects creative entrepreneurs to the property industry.

She is now also the youngest board member sitting on the state's Economic Development Board.

She is a former lawyer, who worked in commercial, property and intellectual property law. After finishing dux of her degree she worked as an Associate to Justice Lander at the Federal Court and then with the firm Camatta Lempens. while also teaching property law and theory at Adelaide University.

Lily previously studied architecture, and has worked in events and administration at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and for music touring companies Jedi Knights Productions and Crown Ruler. She currently serves on the board of arts organisation Format Collective.


David Bartholomeusz

Founder Griffin Alliance   |   LinkedIn

David had grown bricks & mortar business and inline businesses in the hospitality industry with zero bank or investor finance.

He sits on the Entrepreneurs Organization's global learning committee as well as heading up the EO Accelerator program for them in South Australia and has tertiary qualifications in corporate law, evolutionary biology and entrepreneurship. David is fascinated by bricks & mortar and on line communities: how they form, divide and dissolve.

Business Influences include: Roberto Cardone (Cibo Group), George Naddaff (Boston Chicken), John Ibrahim Darth Bane, anyone who is awkwardly suspicious of the things that Seth Godin writes. Business Approach: Conservative, Organic.

Jason Cross

Cofounder of Aston Club   |   LinkedIn

Jason is the VP of Innovation Engineering at Aston Club Pty Ltd, a mobile payment platform. He has been developing software since the young age of 8, where Jason self taught himself how to code in multiple languages. Jason has always been a hustler, looking for the next thing to develop and sell. The idea of working 9-5 for someone else has never stuck to Jason, he has always wanted to run his own companies and has had a few startups in the last 10 years.

He has helped many startups get off the ground from advice to developing MVPs, most notably Jason lives and breathes startups, he lives to educate others about the startup life.

Quentin Zervaas

Founder of Transit Times   |   LinkedIn

Quentin has a Bechelor in Computer Science from Adelaide University and is the author of Practical Web 2.0 Applications with PHP.

In addition to being a developer at his own company Zervaas Enterprises, he is the founder of the popular iOS and Android app, Transit Times which most of you probably have on your phones.

Anita Nedosyko

Founder of The UniCoach   |   LinkedIn

Anita is CEO of The Unicoach, a company that was formed at Start-up Weekend Adelaide 2012 which then went on to become a winning participant of the 2013 ANZ Innovyz Start Accelerator Program. With the knowledge that she has gained from these experiences and as an entrepreneur of a newly established start-up company she will be able to share with you valuable networks and information on leadership, team work, pitching, marketing and business strategy. Anita loves seeing creative ideas blossom into reality.

Geoff Kwitko

Serial Entrepreneur, Web Consultant   |   LinkedIn

Geoff has loved every minute of founding and selling a number of internet related companies over recent years, including an online media monitoring service with over 4,000 customers, an Australian sharemarket discussion community with 22,000 members, and a web marketing and programming consulting firm with 8 staff. Now, Geoff works as a consultant implementing internet marketing campaigns for medium sized companies (PPC advertising, lead collection, landing page optimisation, CRM, ecommerce, social media, video marketing etc). In his spare time, Geoffrey leads and mentors a community of over 900 young tech entrepreneurs and web consultants around Adelaide, called The Startup Club. Over the last three years, over 40 free Startup Club events and workshops have held for local entrepreneurs, including 3 day business seminars and a full day IT conferences.

Stuart Snyder

Co-Founder, CFO of YourAmigo   |   LinkedIn

Stuart Snyder, was a cofounder, director, and CFO of YourAmigo Ltd which was the SA exporter of the year in 2008. YourAmigo was incorporated in 1999 and successfully commercialised novel search technology acquired from the Flinders University. YourAmigo’s was a technology leader in the search marketing space with installations on web sites in over 30 different countries including many of the world’s top 100 ecommerce companies. YourAmigo’s company headquarters is still in Adelaide although virtually all sales are export. Stuart grew up in Silicon Valley, starting his career as a CPA with KPMG in San Jose, California and migrated to Adelaide in 1993 when he married an Australian citizen.

He is now semi retired, mentoring in entrepreneurship.

Jason Goodridge

Managing Director at Axios IT Pty Ltd   |   LinkedIn

Jason has a Bachelor of Science with majors in Math and Computer Science and a Bachelor of Engineering with Honors in Computer Systems. He has since also completed his MBA.

He now works as the Managing Director of local software firm Axios IT. In this role the Axios team achieved listings in BRW, inBusiness and SmartCompany growth lists in 2009 and took out the Telstra SA Small Business of the Year award in 2010.

He also sits ion the board of WebTemplate, Indigo Business Computer Services, Australian Computer Society and the Advisory Board for the School of Computer & Information Science at UniSA.

Chris Nicolas

CoFounder of Pocket Menu   |  

Chris is a CPA and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of Business (Property) with expertise in accounting, real estate, social media marketing and technology startups. After spending 5 years working as an accountant, Chris became a land agent and started his first company at the age of 21 with an independent real estate buyers’ agency, which used technology to help source, perform due diligence and acquire over $5,000,000 worth of property. Chris was a co-founder in another startup earlier this year which raised funds early but didn’t make it past beta. Chris was also one of the founding members of Majoran Distillery, and has previously participated in Adelaide University’s eChallenge, attended several startup seminars and workshops around Australia and is an alumnus at Startup Weekend. He is currently working on a new startup while consulting in social media and technology in the retail sector.

Emma Beames

Consultant   |   LinkedIn

Emma is passionate about working with individuals and organisations to provide the tools which will enable them to forward innovative products or services.

She has a background as a corporate solicitor, specialising in intellectual property within a commercialisation company and was the founding director of the entrepreneurial education program, Venture Dorm. She launched her own consultancy company ( in 2013, providing workshops, consultancy services and program development assistance to organisations wanting to increase entrepreneurial thinking and action in their employees.

Pari Pathak

Co Founder Salon KickStarter

Salon Kickstarter is a mobile app and web platform revolutionising the salon and spa industry. With over 12 years in the technology industry managing teams and software businesses, he has headed up the development and rollout of many SaaS, enterprise scale global solutions and mobile apps. He believes that passion, persistence, hard work and integrity are the essential ingredients for success and is always keen to mentor passionate entrepreneurs.

Some of the key things about startups are perseverance, making smart decisions quickly and embracing change.

Tish Naughton

Managing Director - Black Sheep Finance   |   LinkedIn

Tish Naughton is the Founding Manager of Black Sheep Finance, an innovative Mortgage Broking and Financial Services company that specialises in offering clients a holistic approach to their finances.
Above and beyond mortgages, Black Sheep helps clients with debt reduction, budgeting, investment cash flow management and their financial planning needs.
Frustrated by the restrictions of the seemingly confusing world of finance, Tish helps her clients break through the jargon, to achieve their financial goals.
Tish has personally been investing since the age of 19, and has undertaken projects involving property renovations through to buying and building businesses.
She holds a Certificate 4 and Diploma in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking), Diploma in Management and is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)
Tish is well known for her entrepreneurial endeavors being awarded in 2013 as one of Anthill’s Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs in Australia, and ranked #31 by Shoestring in their Top 50 Australian Female Entrepreneurs Under 40.

Andrew Andrews

CIO and Entrepreneur   |   LinkedIn

Andrew is a seasoned veteran of the tech sector in Adelaide. He started cutting code as a teenager in the 70s and wend on to do a Computer Science Degree at Adelaide University in the 80s.

He spent the 80s and 90s working as a programmer and systems analyst in government and corporate roles. In 2001 he founded EzyPayroll a tech centric payroll solution that has clients worldwide. He is still the managing director there.

More recently In addition to his consulting work he is the CIO of MiTimes a startupmobile time keeping up for the legal profession.

Hung Ngo

CoFounder of Invision Net

Hung Ngo is co-founder of Invision Net, an Internet Marketing Agency and Google Certified Partner.

Since 2007, Hung has worked in the direct marketing space with some of the largest companies online.
He also taught marketing concepts at the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas USA, to Business Centres back home in Adelaide, South Australia.

Now at Invision Net, Hung consults and creates online marketing campaigns for a range of industries, from large 5 star international hotel chains, to locally owned and operated businesses.
His services offer the complete online marketing solution: starting with market research (what do customers want) to generating the traffic (getting leads and prospects) and finally landing page creation and optimisation (turning those prospects into customers).

Tim Waterhouse

Sentek Sensor Technologies - Mentor, coach and sometimes investor for start-ups.

Tim has a Degree in Electronic Engineering, an MBA, is a Fellow of Engineers Australia and a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.He worked for Telstra for 23 years, ultimately as GM and as the CEO’s representative for SA. He then spent five years with the SA Government responsible for IT strategic planning and policy, standards, sourcing and industry development.

Tim is former MD and still a Director of Sentek Pty Ltd, which for 23 years has designed, manufactured and internationally marketed “best in class” soil moisture and salinity sensors and display software. He is also Chairman of the water Industry Alliance.

He maintains a passion for growing Australian industry, especially through entrepreneurship, industry led planning and collaboration.

Tim’s particular interests are in the ICT and water sectors with a focus on the creation of competitive advantage for Australia and for emerging businesses, particularly through deregulation and disruptive business models. He mentors a number of SME's, start-ups and entrepreneur programs in those fields.

Doug Adamson

Case Manager - Commercialisation Australia

Doug Adamson fills his days working with innovative companies. As a Case Manager with Federal Government agency Commercialisation Australia, Doug assists companies to bring new products, processes or services to the market. He's recently managed a portfolio of early-stage technology investments for a seed stage venture capital fund, and is an advisor to a number of other SME's in training, manufacturing, software, and hospitality. Doug has founded, grown, managed and sold businesses in media, distribution, and web software, and has qualifications in electronic engineering, finance, venture capital and company directorship. His other business interests include a software operation specialising in “big data” analysis, a business facilitating production, training and publishing in organic agriculture and organic gardening, and a boutique tourism operation in the Adelaide Hills.

Mike Wilczynski

Partner - Innovyz   |   LinkedIn

Michael gets to support entrepreneurs and commercialise world leading innovations. From pre-funding through to licensing and exit. He is a partner at Innovyz, an Adelaide based consultancy that has a global footprint of industry leading professionals who leverage relationships to scale rapid implementation and execution of different technologies.

At Innovyz he's committed to helping cultivate and establish a vibrant innovation ecosystem within Australia and South Australia.

John Kamuchau

Director - Multiplier Technologies   |   LinkedIn

I am an Adelaide based web and mobile developer and entrepreneur. Am very passionate about working with businesses and entrepreneurs to start or grow profitable and sustainable tech powered companies. I have been working in the space for 10 years and constantly get blown away by how much it's changed and the opportunities it's presents. I started off as a freelance web designer, then moved into enterprise web/mobile applications development working with some of the world's leading brands, became a business analyst and project manager, then spend some time and an e-marketing manager before leaving my Job to start my business.

I have made my share of business mistakes and learnt a lot of lessons, which I hope to pass on. Area of experience are product design and development, minimal viable products, ideation and business model development.

Craig Pickering

Managing Director - 3Cs   |   LinkedIn

Accomplished Senior Manager with experience in marketing, sales, purchasing, customer service, forecasting and budgeting across diverse industries including IT, consumer electronics, retail, manufacturing, wholesale, construction, education, finance, electronics and telecommunications.

Abilities include leadership, establishing and nurturing high performance teams, managing multiple tasks across challenging environments, and making an immediate impact. Examples are BELL-IRH (Sydney) where I was promoted from internal sales to National Product Manager within six months with no prior experience in the electronics industry, and Pacific Datacom (Hagemeyer) where I was promoted from State Manager to Regional Manager after three months.

I have written two books, the most recent published in 2010 (“Successful Sales Management”) which has sold worldwide, numerous business articles and am Co-Founder of a new (soon to be launched) online business.

My enjoyment in assisting others to succeed includes being a mentor for several programs (eChallenge, University of SA Graduate Program, Venture Dorm) and involvement in many Committees (including at Board level).

Richard Stafford

Director - Leet Geek   |   LinkedIn

Richard is the Managing Director of LeetGeek – an IT service provider specialising in Mac and PC integration, offering tailored solutions to Business, Education, Government and Enterprise clients.. LeetGeek is a company whose principals are defined by an uncompromising dedication to culture and team spirit within the organisation, making it one of the most desirable IT service providers to work at.

In 2012, LeetGeek won the CRN Fast50 for fastest growing IT reseller in Australia and has placed within the top four, three years running in the In-Business FastMovers SA Awards.

Like Tony Hsieh of Zappos fame, Richard strongly believes that cultural and customer focus are key elements to business success.

Mal Chia

CoFounder - Musio   |   LinkedIn

Mal Chia is an entrepreneur with an award-winning career as a digital marketer and musician spanning over 20 years.
Starting his first business at the age of 14 - a mobile DJ service for school formals, birthday parties and weddings - Mal quickly discovered a passion for creating new opportunities.
He combined this with his other love, music, led him to build a successful electronic music touring and events company when he finished high school. It was there where he quickly realised he had a knack for digital marketing prompting his next career change.
His ability to deliver innovative, results-driven digital programs led him onto senior digital marketing positions at the Adelaide Fringe and the University of Adelaide, as well as consulting with many of Adelaide’s leading agencies.
Now Mal’s career has come full circle. After winning Startup Weekend Adelaide, he co-founded music file sharing startup Musio with good friend Oli Young, to help the music industry manage incoming music. Musio is in early beta and is scheduled to launch in November 2014.
He has won numerous awards for his work and is a highly sought after presenter at national conferences and executive groups.
In his spare time, he loves hanging out with family, gaming, debating Games of Thrones and the nuances of the Marvel Universe and watching loads of basketball.
Mal holds a Master of Commerce in Marketing from the University of Adelaide and is a Google-certified digital marketer.

Alison Barrett


Alison is the catalyst for the 1625 initiative. She is also a journalist with In-Business Magazine

She holds a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) from Flinders and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism, Journalism & Communications from UniSA.

Prior to her role at 1625 she was the founder for Secrets of a Fearless Female Health, a blog that provides tools to help young women develop positive attitudes, self esteem & healthy lifestyle choices.

Craig Yeung

Partner - Piper Alderman   |   LinkedIn

Craig is a partner in Piper Alderman’s corporate division. He has extensive experience advising on corporate, commercial and securities law, in particular venture capital, capital raisings, mergers and acquisitions and financial services. Craig has advised many private and public companies in relation to their capital raising needs, from early stage start-up companies to ASX listed companies. He has also advised fund managers and investors in relation to providing capital to companies in need of funding.

Craig also writes regularly for the online publication Startup Smart and is a mentor for Sydney tech incubator PushStart.

Kishen Vijayadass

Partner - BDO   |   LinkedIn

Kishen is a Chartered Accountant working with businesses across a range of industry sectors including property & construction, retailing, music, digital content licensing, professional services, manufacturing, technology media & telecommunications and not-for-profit.

Jo Schneider

Director - DVE Business Solutions   |   LinkedIn

Jo has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical & Manufacturing) with First Class Honours from UniSA.

She is a director of technology consultancy DVE Business Solutions. She also runs her own eCommerce startup Animal Therapeutics Online which is paired with her primary production business Warrington Park Equestrian Services.

Jo has been a participant of the SA Young Entrepreneurs Scheme and "The Entourage." She has also been a finalist in Anthill 30 Under 30 Awards, Telstra Australia Business Awards, CBA BetterBusiness Booster and Behind Closed Doors.

Graham Wakeling

Managing Director - InBusiness Magazine   |   LinkedIn

Graham has 35 years experience in marketing, sales, business development, import/export, manufacturing, print and online publishing, not to mention a brief but successful stint in local government politics in Britain.

He is a compulsive entrepreneurs and these days he is the boss of InBusiness Magazine and he's regarded as one of the most well connected people in Adelaide.

He was so excited about Startup Weekend that he even participated in one in July teaming up with our youngest ever participant, 12 year old Zen. This is in keeping with one of his side projects, the 1625 project which is geared at providing entrepreneurial education to entrepreneurs aged 16 to 25 years old.

Philip Mayes

Co-Founder of Mighty Kingdom   |   LinkedIn

After working up the ranks at one of New Zealand's largest and most successful IT companies, Philip chucked it all in to study game development. After graduating in 2005 he landed a job at Ratbag Games, at the time one of the premier game development companies in Australia, and also where he met Jindou Lee. After the demise of Ratbag at the hands of Midway Studios, Philip shifted to Krome Studios and worked on several high profile games, including Star Wars: The Force unleashed (although he insists this was less fun than it sounds).

The release of the iPhone and app store presented an opportunity to get out from underneath a publisher's thumb, so Jindou and Philip joined forces to found Mighty Kingdom in 2010. In addition to client work, Philip and Jindou kept developing their own IP. One of those ideas would become Happy Inspector, and after working through the Startmate and 500 Startups incubators it would go on to successfully raise investment in the US. With the Happy Inspector team moving to San Francisco, Philip decided to stay with Mighty Kingdom in Adelaide and focus once again on his passion for making games.

Harry Schiff

Founder & CEO - Agent Anything   |   LinkedIn

Harry received his BA in Psychology from Princeton University, where his research focused on emotional drivers of consumer decision-making and public/private communication behaviours in social networks. He has founded companies in Canada, Australia, and the United States, including two web-tech companies (Agent Anything and uPlus2), for which he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment.

Through his growth consultancy, Venture Catalysts, Harry has led international teams in executing major sales and marketing overhauls in promising startups, high-growth SMEs, burgeoning government agencies, and $100M companies. Harry has also founded a number of entrepreneurial organizations, including the Startup Circle, Totally Blew It, and Silicon Balls.

Rebecca Ham
Phi Theodoros
Chris Hooper
Ana Luiza Stolf
Orren Prunckun
David Truong
Luis Penascoza
Ben Luks

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