Startup Weekend 4.0 Day 1 Review – by Rebecca Leanne


I have participated in Startup Weekend Adelaide for Startup 2.0 as a participant and 3.0 as a volunteer and this year did not disappoint! I think Friday nights have to be my favourite night of Startup Weekend. People from all over coming together to share ideas, and make things happen. It’s the buzz that fills the air, the energy in the room – its one of those atmosphere that as soon as you walk in you can’t help but be excited.  And then comes my favourite part of the whole event – THE PITCHES. Sixty-seconds is all your are given to try to win the crowd with your groundbreaking idea, or thought on how to improve something that is already out there.


There were 23 pitches in total from a variety of people; men, women, business people, developers, there was even a 13 year kid!

13 year old

The first pitch was from a brave girl called Jenny who pitched a ‘Tinder App’ for networking, that would we based on common interests. The second pitch was from Ben looking at developing a mediation app, next came Daniel his idea was a take on Gumtree and Ebay, where people could swap services and products under one easy to use system –called it swapspot. Peter, a 13 year old, gave a fantastic pitch bringing together exercise and tourism, creating auto tracks for running tours – can’t wait to see what happens there.

Ben Meditation

There were a few pitches that looked at aggregating data, Annika pitched a single source for finding advertising information and Alisha wanted to aggregate information about music gigs, a one-stop-shop for finding music tickets.


Derrick pitched two ideas, the first which was a take on crowd funding sites, for smaller office party gifts, to simplify the crowd funding. The second was creating music playlist with friends on an online app where you can create shout out and share playlists.


There were a few that were looking at solving the age-old problems of time management, invoicing and helping businesses to see sales trends. A few pitches built on the ideas of other apps/websites we have seen before. Leo pitched a plugin to an upgrade on how we manage tax, someone else pitched indoor navigation similar to Pozzey. Another boy pitched an idea similar to NoQ where you don’t have to wait in line for food, you order it online and it is ready for you.


Harry who brought us Simone Says at Startup 3.0 as per usual did not disappoint, with his unique idea to get people to book hotel rooms in the city for discounted rates rather then taking a taxi home. His pitch was followed by cheers from the crowd, as he mentioned he would need people to go out on Hindley street and talk to the masses and to see if it would be something they were interested in.


There were pitches coming non-stop. A great pitch was given by two women from BDO, proposed a website called ‘Get Staffed’ which would be a site where employers could post jobs and already vetted causal staff can take those jobs. Ben had a great idea of the ‘airbnb’ for the music entertainment industry, where musicians could hire equipment from each other interstate and around the world.

Adam Reeve

As the night came close to an end there were a few interesting pitches left. Adam pitched an app that would allow you to do the same workouts as your friends in a competitive manner. Martina pitched a site that would help immigrants find short term accommodation and our last pitcher of the evening was Chi who was a bit vague about his idea but it had something to do with telecommunicating for mobile phones.


My personal favourite ideas were

  • The after dark hotel rooms, where you can get discounted rooms really late
  • The running app
  • Get staffed
  • Short term accommodation for immigrants

They are not all the sexiest ideas but I can see how they will fill a need in the market. Can’t want to see how these ideas will change over the course of 54 hours!