#StartupADL #Volunteer Spotlight: Social Media Team


By Phi Theodoros – Social Media Team Leader

In July 2013 for the first time we assembled a team to make sure we could capture as many experiences from the weekend as possible. We were also determined to smash the hashtag battle! To find out what the Hashtag Battle is watch this video:


Whereas this time around, our focus is more about sharing the stories of the participants, volunteers, sponsors/guests speakers, mentors & judges. We want to share as much as we possibly can so people who couldn’t be there, feel like they were. So future participants can look at what went on this weekend and want to get involved for the next event. My company “StoryTeller: Multimedia & Events” is all about sharing stories and building communities, especially through a mix of online multimedia. Let’s talk about each of the team members in turn.

The Sexy Social Media Team!


Phi Theodoros (Myself) (@phitheodoros, @storytellevents)

Team Leader/Bau$$ Lady, I’ll be working my butt of to make sure the team is sharing as much engaging content as possible. I’ll be supporting with video editing, blogging and tweeting!


Rebecca Ham (@rebeccalham)

Also known affectionately as #theham, Rebecca will be blogging about the pitches on Friday night, she’s been a blogger on the team in the past and works for DVE Solutions. She knows lots of good stuff and would have been on board all weekend if she wasn’t about to fly home to Canada for the holidays!


Katie Hooper (@KatieHooper86)

Katie will be blogging about the vibe and experience of StartupADL’s opening night, she will be capturing the atmosphere and sharing stories from an audience perspective. She loves writing, her kitties and hitting up the gym for sweet endorphins.


Trentino Priori (@dj_big_john

Trentino is one of our awesome photographers, he’ll be documenting everything he see’s on Friday and Sunday night, with a focus on capturing pitches, speeches and crowd shots. Trentino loves photography and has snapped many of the shots you’ll find on the Adelaide Fringe Website… and maybe some photos of Phi doing aerobics during a Feast Show earlier this month.


Scott James

Scott is a photography major who is now studying Companion Animal Services (yep its a thing!) He will be documenting as much as possible across the entire weekend. His claim to fame is having a short video played by the Adelaide City Council and the big ol’ screens in Rundle Mall. He’s currently not active on social media, but maybe this weekend will re inspire him.


Jo Lim (@johzlim)

Jo was one of our roving tweeters and social photographers at Startup Weekend ADL 3.0, but this time round she’ll be adding video making to her role description. She’s worked with organisations such as Our World Today, Million Smiles the movie and is in love with storytelling via media. She’ll be tweeting, instagramming, filmmaking and maybe even blogging if there is a spare minute in the day.


Ben Luks (@BenLuks)

Has been involved with Startup Weekend 4.0 since the early days, supporting with business development and marketing. He is currently working as the Online Content Coordinator for O’Rielly Model Products (OMP), Australia’s leading distributor of remote control cars, planes and helicopters. Ben will be working to keep our Twitter feed live and engaging and will also be supporting with blogging and live tweeting.


Shaylee Leach (@ShayleeActually)

Shaylee is all about spreading the word about things she’s passionate about. She runs a radio show on Radio Adelaide (@prideprej) she does graphic design work and schmoozes between the Adelaide Comedy and Australian political scenes. This weekend though she is all ours, working to help create video content and blogging about all the things. Yep all of them. Also of course smashing the hashtag on Twitter.


Nhu Y Nguyen

Nhu Y (pronounced Newee) works for Google by day, and studies Marketing by night. She’s finished a degree in Media and has the same passion for online communities as the rest of us. As a brand advocate for Google she knows how to utilize social media and how to capitalize on sharing efficiently. This weekend she’ll be managing our LinkedIn Page as well as helping to blog and tweet content out and sending out snaps through Instagram.


Andrew Crantas (@ntebis.)

When he fixed Phi’s phone and scored her free data whilst she was working in Greece, she knew he was a useful person! Andrew has been living in Adelaide (after many years in Thessaloniki, Greece) for about 5 months. He’s studying to become a computer engineer at UniSA and is always looking for new opportunities to develop skills and meet new awesome people. This weekend he’ll be helping us pull together and upload all our content as well as managing the dashboard of our Twitter feed along with Ben.


Skye Norman (@SkyeNorman)

A drama kid from way back when, Skye has done what every aspiring actor wants to do: study media and learn how to make films and do marketing. Yep, bit of a trend in that social group… During the day on Saturday & Sunday Skye will be helping us to film loads of awesome video content and will be a roving tweeter/instagrammer too.


Lihn Chi Nguyen (@linhchi_nguyen)

LC is another awesomely creative kid who has found herself loving the creative side of marketing and sharing content. Over the past 12 months she’s been the Director of Marketing & Communications for AIESEC Adelaide and this weekend she’ll be helping us to film/blog and tweet.

Big thanks to our social media team for getting the word out there and trending. Startup Weekend would not be as big without your involvement!