Team Interviews!




Members: Roy (user experience expert), Andrew (software developer), John (developer), Anika @anikajohnstone (marketing), Michael (finance)

What’s Adrate?
It’s essentially an app that allows you to compare advertising rates. It helps businesses make informed decisions about advertising spend.

What do you think about Startup Weekend Adelaide?
Anika: I walked in there not knowing anyone. I felt immediately that it’s a warm and friendly environment, it’s easy to talk to people. I only enrolled two weeks ago at a whim. It’s a change to come from my working life to be in such an energetic space.
Andrew: It’s good to meet a lot of people in the Adelaide community that are doing this kind of stuff.
Coming here means you’re forced to do something. A lot of us have had ideas or wanted to do stuff like this for awhile but taking that next step and finding someone to do it with has been a bit of a challenge.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?
Anika: For me it means stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a bit of risk and having ideas and willing to pursue them.
Michael: If you have an idea or even if you don’t, but you suspect what you want out of life is not what you’re doing now, I think you can take a calculated risk and go ahead and do what you want. If you want to do something that someone’s already done, but you can find ways to improve or be innovative, it’s that sort of spirit.



Members: Lyndal (marketing), Dmitri (business), Sarah (marketing), Mohammada @mohammad_khaz (software developer), Matt (developer), Aaron (HR), Stefan (business)

What is GetStafft?
GetStafft is an online recruitment tool for the hospitality industry. It identifies staff with certain criteria and it matches automatically. It’s instant acceptance without the need for an interview. It’s a last-minute opportunity especially in the pop-up culture.

What has been particularly useful/inspiring?
Dmitri: Finding a graphic designer.
Stefan: I must say some of the ideas pitched are very impressive. And also the age, some as young as thirteen. He had an idea which you wouldn’t expect from a 13-year-old.

What do you like about Startup Weekend Adelaide?
Aaron: I like the atmosphere. Before coming here I sort of had the expectations that it might be a little bit uptight and too business-y, but it does have an appeal.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?
Lyndal: It means directing your own attention. Setting up what you want. Creating a culture and a lifestyle, however hectic that might become.
Dmitri: Creating an opportunity.

Fitness Boss


Members: Jennie @jennkibee (project manager/developer), Adam @Crescent_IT (IT)

What’s your idea?
Adam: Basically it’s a workout or exercise of the week system. It’s just the one exercise each week with no equipment, no gym, nothing like that. Do the exercise in your own time and the results go into the app. You’ll be competing with your friends to get the highest score in that exercise. It’s raising the competitive spirit to get you motivated to do the exercise.
It’s about making workout fun and challenging.

Where did you see the app go in the future?
Adam: I would like to see it develop into a broader brand. It will be structured in an 8-week process, you would do the challenge for eight weeks then there will be another 8-week challenge. It might be an app-centric module for the next one or simultaneous challenges at different times for different markets.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?
Adam: Coming up with an idea and having an opportunity to explore it and see what it does. Meet great people and have like-minded visions.

Would you recommend Startup Weekend Adelaide?
Jennie: I love the idea so much I actually flew in from Sydney for this weekend in Adelaide. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t done it, or just for the fun of it.

Ticket Loop



Members: Alissa (business), Dan (graphic designer), Michael (marketing), Patrick (developer)

What’s your idea?
Our website (and later an app) will be tracking music ticket sales. So anyone who wants to but a concert ticket would be able to find and buy tickets more easily.

How has it been like working together as a team?
We only came together yesterday. We’re working well together, hoping to have something tangible by the end of the weekend.
Alissa: I pitched this idea. People who are passionate about it basically came up to me before team formation and it all came together.
Michael: The idea attracted me.

What’s your experience at Startup Adelaide so far?
Alissa: There’s been so many amazing ideas. It’s been a great crowd to chat with.

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Members: Harry (team leader), Michael @Mik_AU (marketing), Artem (business), Kalif-Louis (sales), James (sales), Chi @chizhenlim (sales), Nick @Haydos585 (developer), Jacquie (sales)

Tell us about your idea.

It’s a group social dating. We match you and two of your friends with three other cool people.

You originally had a different idea. Why the change?

The original idea was to provide cheap hotel deals at last-minute. We tried to survey people but there is a difference in consensus. There wasn’t enough time to see the market. We called up hotels but either they’re already full or felt that it would be detrimental to their image.
We got desperate. We spent an hour brainstorming. And now 15 hours later we have 15 sign-ups for our new service.

What is the biggest challenge?

We have a really strong team so being able to gain such progress under 15 hours is good.

What has been the best part this weekend?

Kalif: I think we all like to create new stuff and give. We are dreamers. We try to do it and change.
Jacquie: Have lots of passion




Members: Luke (developer), Ashley (developer), Derek @nextalias (business), Kate (marketing)

What’s your idea about?
It’s social gifting. In the same way we often collect funds together to contribute in a group to give someone a present. SoGiftIt is taking that ceremony of collecting together all the funds and moving into the electronic world.

What do you enjoy about Startup Weekend Adelaide?
Luke: A bunch of people keen to do something and get on with it.
Kate: It’s good to make something while at uni you’re just planning. This is doing.

What was it like to pitch?
Derek: It’s always nerve-wrecking. I had a couple of ideas. When I went up there my heart is going a million miles an hour.
Kate: There was a lot of variety and good ideas.



Members: Ben @bensmithaus (business), Daniel @dan_platten (marketing), Nick @nick_girish (business), Kirk @captain_kirkus (graphic designer), Andrew @airtonix (developer), Zeno (developer)

What’s GigRig?
It’s an air B&B for music equipment.

How has the project been doing so far?
We’ve got people with equipment set up in less than 10 hours (since we start). Now we’re hoping for some sales by tonight. We’ve gotten in touch with a guy who supplies equipment for WOMADelaide and major festivals.

Do any of you have any musical backgrounds?
Nick: I used to work as a DJ.
Kirk: I was in a band. We released an EP in Sydney.
Ben: I’ve been in the music business for 15 years – my business Bandwax helps bands find rehearsal studios.

Why did you decide to attend Startup Weekend Adelaide?
Ben: Connections, that’s my main reason for coming here. It’s my second time at Startup Adelaide. If you can do this much in a weekend, it makes you think what you can do with your own business.
Andrew: Being a developer, it’s good to meet the marketers and designers and see what they do.
Nick: Seeing the evolution of a business.




Members: Simon @ImModing (graphic designer/branding), Derek @nextalias (business), Andrew (marketing)

What’s your idea?
It’s trying to have a social experience when you’re listening to radio/music.

What’s your experience at Startup Weekend Adelaide?
Derek: I always wanted to work with Simon. This is a good opportunity to spend the weekend and get some stuff done.
Simon: Few hot chicks
Derek: Not enough
Simon: Nah…the enthusiasm is what really sets it apart from other social networking events.

What’s the future like for Simultunes?
Simon: I think to be able to share the joys of music, we’ve seen that at live concerts, I think that has been nullified by headphones. This might address some of those issues.

Sustainable Savings20131130_161725

Members: Sing Tze @singtze (market research), Rowena @rowenavnuk (market research), Matt @ridhuan90 (business strategy), Kinda @kinda39 (team leader), Andrew @andrew_kwitko (developer), Nae (business development)

What’s your idea?
We’re helping consumers connect to get sustainable housing. So anything from power savings, housing options, energy-saving light bulbs…we’ll be comparing short term benefits with long term savings.
Matt: We want to see more zero-emissions housing and making it more common.

What’s your biggest challenge so far?
Andrew: We want more developers!

What is it like to be part of Startup Weekend Adelaide?
Sing: I’m excited to see a real business being formed.
Andrew: Being in the startup community but also overseas for a long time, I’m hoping to get the pulse on what’s happening in Adelaide startup community. It’s great to see familiar faces and meet new people.
Kinda: I’m excited to learn new things.




Members: Claire @spearmintdig (developer), Martyna (business strategy), Michael @michaelmacalino (business), Mark @markbpreece (business)

Tell us about your idea.
It’s a website for Entrepreneurs to connect with developers to find short term accommodation from 1-3 months.
Bringing more Startups to Adelaide and helping them to get settled in the quicker.

Your business name is…
We haven’t decide on a name yet, we’re still thinking about something more catchy. More edgy.

What has been the biggest challenge?
Michael: Well we’ve actually change our concept from last night. We did a bit of discussion and figured that the original idea had nothing for us. It was too labour intensive. We want something more automated that can being people who want to sell their property to those who need it.

Why would you recommend Startup Weekend Adelaide?
Martyna: It’s powerful to be able to connect people with different strengths. There’s multiple touchpoints.
Claire: Awesome people.
Mark: Having a small team is very effective




Members: Peter (creator), Mike @TheStartupPod (marketing), Trent @steelchain #Internode (developer)

What’s your idea?
It’s an app, a virtual running tool. It measures heart rates, gives information on weather conditions.

What is it like being the youngest entrepreneur at Startup Weekend Adelaide?
Peter: I think everyone is afraid of me! (AdRate member on the side: Just a bit.)

What’s the future for this app?
We hope it would evolve to be other apps to include WALKaround, SWIMaround. Maybe it can showcase the best places around Adelaide, the history, or even the worst of the worse!

How has the experience been at Startup Weekend Adelaide?
Mike: I have no expectation coming in but it’s been great! My boss is a 13-year-old!