Startup Weekend Adelaide 5.0 – Teams


With only a few hours left until today’s final presentations, Social Media Marketing team members Lan and Heath check out the field. After interviewing each team, they sat down to provide their thoughts. Check out their assessments below!

Not a fan of reading? Watch the video interviews here!

Lan’s Interviewees


Bizi Weekend

Bizi Weekend are looking at ways to promote entrepreneurialism to high school students and their aim is to change attitudes about entrepreneurship in schools by providing alternative pathways into business. They have signed up for Startup Weekend to create change. The majority of the group like cats (a couple prefer dogs) and describe their group as AWESOME!  They are feeling overwhelmed by the support and pretty damn tired! Bizi Weekend would describe their business to a 10 year old as fun, interactive, hands-on, exciting and with support from inspiring mentors.

Travel Mates

Travel Mates are developing an online platform for travellers to be connected with locals and receive recommendations from friends to places they have been such as restaurants,  markets etc. They will incorporate a tipping system as an incentive to locals and their aim is to solve a problem for travellers not being able to find cool things to do when abroad.They have joined Startup Weekend to meet interesting people and to experience one of the coolest jobs. Travel Mates are feeling nervous, excited and pensive and describe their group as AWESOME! They would describe their business to a 10 year old as having someone to help them (when travelling) take them to toy stores, McDonalds etc.



Fluen (previously called Face2face Translator) are developing a live translating service app. They have found that certain translators cannot do what they need it to do and therefore want to create a universal translator that is face to face. Fluen have joined Startup Weekend for the opportunity to try and learn something new. They are feeling excited and nervous and describe their team as AWESOME! The team prefer cats (4) to dogs (1). How they would describe their business to a 10 year old is helping people to communicate with people you normally wouldn’t be able to.

Morning Star Media

Morning Star Media are developing an interactive game show where anyone watching has a chance to get on the show by playing online. They are pursuing this because they see their idea as fresh and different and will also allow advertisers to get on board and reach their clients.The team joined Startup Weekend for a chance to pitch and develop their idea but also as a creative outlet. They are feeling “pretty damn good”, stressed, pumped and nervous and would describe their team as small (2 members)/modest. How they would describe their business to a 10 year old by asking “Do you like games? Do you like TV? Then you’ll like this.”

Heath’s Interviewees



Intelligent, futuristic, and fun! I-Solutions propose to create a robotic panel attached to a wall which controls every appliance in the client’s home. The project will incorporate technology into lifestyle, centralising control of technology, and making life simpler. No matter what the outcome of this weekend, they will continue their business. They want to learn from StartUp Adelaide, and take that business knowledge and apply it to their, already considerable, technical knowhow. They’ve set themselves some long-term goals, and you’d be a fool to doubt them. I-Solutions were split 50/50 on the dogs vs. cats issue, and are feeling like they’re ready to learn.




Using the platform of architecture to help student architects, along with others who might be having difficulties in getting employment in these brutally competitive times, DIY’s design-based project is flexible in nature and could, in the future, expand into other professional disciplines. The user can access designs from an online database sourced from them, as an architectural firm, and from the public. Each designer will receive revenue when their designs are used. Reducing the design costs for the users, and providing the opportunity to students to get professional experience is a major motivator for this energetic bunch. DIY are 50/50 on the dogs vs. cats debate, and are feeling pretty confident.



Picture this: you’re wandering the streets of Adelaide and you spy a cardigan which really takes your fancy. It turns out said cardi was bought from a small shop in Camden. London. Far, far away. With no online store. What can you do? The inspired folks from ShoeZam plan on creating an app which takes a photo of an item of clothing and performs some sort of facial-recognition (but for clothes) software action on it. The app will then cross check the entire web for your highly desired cardi, and hey presto, there it is, online. Win! Sitting 60/40 on the dogs vs. cats dilemma, ShoeZam are feeling awesome!’


Lend a Skilled Hand

Lend a Skilled Hand want to impact and help communities in need, by matching them with volunteers with the right skillsets – maximising the impact of volunteers operating abroad. If you’ve ever volunteered abroad, sometimes, after you’ve come back, you feel like you could have done so much more if you were able to utilise your full skillset. This project aims to improve the situation by creating a database of volunteers and matching them accurately with the needs of particular communities. Genius. Landing 50/50 on the dogs vs. cats argument, Lend a Skilled Hand are feeling excited about the future.

Spoken Finance

Crowdsourcing knowledge to get a handle on stock market movements is Spoken Finance’s game. The energetic group are looking to help those of us (*cough) who have no idea about the inner workings of the stock market, or, those who just don’t have the time to learn. They’re trying to get ordinary people to be interested in finance. Particularly aimed at people who don’t have the time to invest in finding out all about stock market trends, but who still want to invest in the market. You don’t have to go to uni to earn money right away. Spoken Finance are all for dogs (so they get my vote), and they’re feeling creative and confident.


Stay tuned for more news as the final day of Startup Weekend continues!