Startup Weekend Adelaide 5.0 Friday night pitch highlights


Startup Weekend Adelaide Friday Night Pitches!

Some of our #FridayNight #Pitches #StartupADL


This is one of my favourite moments of the weekend – hearing pitches from all the great brains in the room. Talking about it in a room full of people is the first step to turning an idea into reality.

It is also one of the most nerve-wrecking moments for the participants. It’s a 60-sec spiel on why your idea is a great solution and to persuade others to join your team.

Fortunately most of the participants lived through the horror to showcase their best ideas.

Special mention that half of those pitching on the night are university students who have joined Startup Weekend Adelaide for the first time! 

All kinds of fun

Dylan set his eyes on revolutionising the game show. He envisions interactive trivia game shows online where you can play with a touch of a button from your comfy couch. Luke sees potential in using artificial intelligence for video game development. David, with his experience of event management, wants to create private pods at concerts so you can have the best time with your mates.

Social good

I’m partial to social entreprenuership so when Sam took the stage with an idea to change voluntourism, I was all for it. He plans to match skills of volunteers to organisations who need those particular skills – can’t wait to see the final pitch. Michael is geared up to have a Startup-Weekend-style for activism. BIZI Weekend by Sasha, which won the most votes of the night – was about creating a Startup Weekend for middle schoolers.

Sasha pitching BIZY WeekendData buzz

Get ready for this – Nakul is hoping to create an aggregated tool that complies all financial data, media reports, stock market analysis to give you guided advice on the best investment. John hitches up Tinder, connecting like-minded intellectually-charged people in the same area together, for non-sexual purposes of course. Hugh plans to use social media platforms and give you your very own travel guide, based on recommendations by your friends.

Visualise it

Scott’s webcam will transform online interaction by eliminating the odd downward gaze with on a video call. Say hello to authentic conversations on Skype. Aainaa is making shoe shopping a whole lot easier with just a snap of a photo. Michael is bringing Lady Gaga to your home – he wants to collaborate with Youtube and other streaming platforms to broadcast live concerts.

For your health

Krystal’s NutriCircuit takes on the count of nutrition the minute you buy your food at the counter. Ricky plans to increase your fitness level without hitting the gym. By having a training regime and professional trainer to advise your workout, Ricky’s idea might be the next big thing. Jake’s idea is not for you but for your furry little friend. He hopes to re-design the fabric for therapeutic dog beds.

Personal favourite

Adam’s Kampus directly connects graduates to related businesses for job opportunities. (I’m kind of over Seek)

Zheng’s face-to-face translation using phones as the medium because well, we humans could get a little closer to each other without language barriers.

By Jo Lim on behalf of the Startup Weekend Social Media Team Tweet her @johzlim