Sunday night – Final Pitches


Did you miss our teams as they battled out for great prizes on Sunday night?

Here’s a run down of what you missed, don’t like reading? You can watch the video playlist of pitches here or find some inspiration and advice from the top three winning teams in their interviews here.


July 2014 Final Pitches Team 1 @Spoken_Finance #StartUpADL


Social Finance are trip advisor for the Australia Stock Market and shares. They collect information, opinions and data through their social forums. They communicate this information in every day language, helping a hobby investor to get the knowledge they need to invest wisely and make more money.



Internode_prize_Style_SnapJuly 2014 Final Pitches Team 2 #StyleSnap #StartUpADL

Style Snap is the answer for fashion frustration. Just take a snap of a fashion item and find all the retailers that can sell it.


When you are searching online to buy that item that you want to wear, normal terms like “blue jumper” just don’t suffice. Especially if you want to find a jumper like the one your favourite celebrity has. StyleSnap allows you to take a photo and upload it to your “wardrobe”. From here you can search their database to buy something similar or use their tools to style and create your look… maybe before you even get out of bed to get ready for the day.


Snap it, Search it, Buy it, Style it, Share it. #StyleSnap is your new best friend when you want to update your wardrobe.


July 2014 Final Pitches Team 3 – 1st runner up and recipient of Majoran Prize @BosscampAU #StartUpADL


1 in 5 young people drop out of university in the first year – our schooling systems are about training job takers, not job makers. Boss Camp are looking at ways to promote entrepreneurship to high school students and their aim is to change attitudes about entrepreneurship in schools by providing alternative pathways into business.

The team has built their program and locked in the dates for their first event. They’ve scored sponsorship, 8 world class speakers lined up and event space at The Australian Science and Maths School at Flinders University.


How are they going to do it? Like a Boss! The judges were impressed with how the program can nurture the local startup community, starting from young entrepreneurs.


Why not shout a high school student a ticket right now:



July 2014 Final Pitches Team 4 #StartUpADL


HomePrints offer you your dream blueprints for your home. They know that building your own home is one of the biggest financial and emotional investments you may ever make. They know architects can be expensive and may have different ideas of how you want your home to look.


These guys are offering the service where you can build the home you want. Just like people are moving away from Flight Centres to book their own flights online, are empowering everyday users to design their own dream homes with their templates and professional support services at a fraction of the cost of an architect’s time.



July 2014 Final Pitches Team 5 – 2nd runner-up and Internode Prize recipient @FluenApp #StartUpADL


Imagine you are a second generation Australian trying to call your grandparents overseas, this can be a chore if you don’t speak their native tongue. This is an app that helps you translate from voice, helping you to break down communication barriers between people speaking different languages.


The judges pinned high hopes on the app when the team are able to find and lock in key partners while making the technology work.



July 2014 Final Pitches Team 6 – Majoran Prize recipient #MorningStarMedia #StartUpADL


Morning Star Media connects your smart TV to their channel. You can interact and be a part of their interactive game shows from the comfort of your own home. By agreeing to let your camera record and collect data, the team will build a profile of their target market. The advertising team at the channel are able to build a personalised advertising service – giving ads to consumers who are more likely to be interested in their products and giving companies the target market you want.


Is this the new 1985 or the Google adverts connecting with TV? Either way this idea can well be revolutionary.




July 2014 Final Pitches Team 7 #iSolutions #StartUpADL


Have you ever wanted to simplify how all of your technological devices work? Want to control all of your daily tasks from one device? That’s where iSolutions come in. They’re using the latest in global technologies to bring simplicity in your life from an app on your mobile phone. Everything from turning on your vacuum cleaner, the lights, the TV to making your morning coffee can be set up through his app.


July 2014 Final Pitches Team 8 – Winner and NVI Flinders recipient @TravelBuddies_ #StartUpADL


Do you want to escape the tourist traps? Do you want to escape the knick-knacks and really experience your international travels with real cultural immersion? TravelBuddies are developing an online platform for travellers to be connected with locals and have the most native and unique experience. In return you can tip your local buddy and increase their credibility on social media.


The idea of having the most available market and able to gain returns in the short term have impressed the judges and gave them an edge. The team also have positive energy and great teamwork throughout the weekend.


With Travel Buddies you’re not buying a book or guide, you’re hiring a friend to show you around their city. #BeMyBuddy #TravelBuddies




July 2014 Final Pitches Team 9 – NVI Flinders Prize recipient @lendaskilledhand #StartUpADL


Have you ever volunteered for an organisation and felt like your skills are getting not being used? Lend A Skilled Hand are all about connecting people with the right skills to community minded organisations. This will lead to sustainable development in organisations and more fulfilment for those volunteers who want to lend their skills and feel like they are really making a difference.




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